At Alpha Housing Services we are well known for our person-centric approach to property management and award-winning customer service. However, our latest accomplishment, winning ‘Scale Up Property Management Company of the Year’ at the UK News on the Block Awards 2023, has highlighted a different side to the success of our business! This recognition marks our fourth major award in two years and is thanks to our substantial expansion in managing a diverse portfolio, ever-growing team and let’s not forget our continued excellence in customer care. (Read an article our new award in the Somerset County Gazette here)

The past year has been exceptionally rewarding not just as a business but also on a personal front, with our Managing Director Piers Wrangham welcoming a new member to his family, baby girl Kitty! Kitty’s arrival coinciding with the award win was a lovely way to symbolise our growth and the nurturing ethos that guides us at Alpha, making it all the more special!

A Story of Sustained Growth

Since the start of Alpha Housing in the 1980s, our company has undergone an impressive transformation. Starting from managing just a handful of properties running from a spare room with no support staff, we have grown exponentially to manage over 2,600 units today with a team of property, maintenance and finance specialists who all work closely together. Our scale-up is not just in numbers but also in the quality of service and client satisfaction, as evidenced by the various awards received over the last few years and our proud achievement of never losing a client. It was these achievements, coupled with our commitment to staff development, that significantly contributed to our award win this year.

Our Team Success

Our dedicated team is at the heart of our business and dictates how we work. Our Managing Director, Piers Wrangham, reflected on Alpha’s success over the years and said, “The remarkable growth we’ve experienced is a direct result of the team’s unwavering commitment and exceptional talent. Their dedication is the cornerstone of our success in scaling up.”

We place a strong emphasis on continuous training and acquiring professional accreditations at Alpha but also believe that the personal evolution of each team member directly contributes to the quality of our services. It has been a pleasure to witness the Alpha team develop, from growing families to significant milestones, internal promotions to apprenticeships; we love seeing each individual flourish in every way!

Looking to the Future

As we gain new sites to manage and welcome new clients to our services, we are excited to continue expanding the Alpha team further to meet these needs. And while our digital transformation journey is well underway, having introduced a new client portal and 24-hour services, our vision extends beyond these advancements. Our vision is to make life as easy as possible for our customers and clients, so you can expect further positive transformations that will benefit everyone involved in our services.

This scale-up is integral to our ethos, embodying our belief in constant growth and development as a business strategy and a way of life at Alpha Housing Services.