Consent for Flat Door FSER 2022

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Consent for Flat Door Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

We action consent requests within 14 days from receipt of payment of the administration fee of £40+VAT, subject to not requiring a site visit.

You will be invoiced for this fee upon approval, in principle, of your consent request. Payment is not required at this time.

Administration Charges

Why is an Administration Fee Charged?

Acknowledging that the door replacement is a regulatory requirement under the Fire Regulations (England) 2022 and not a choice for leaseholders, we charge a reduced administration fee vs our standard consent cost. This reduced fee covers essential costs for ensuring lease compliance and maintaining block consistency. It helps in providing necessary written documentation and supports uniform safety and aesthetic standards. Our goal is to balance regulatory compliance with minimal financial impact on residents, upholding transparency and the high standards of living and safety in our community.

Important Information

Important information for the replacement of Flat front doors which are Fire Doors

You must ensure that your proposed new flat front door is a fire rated door (minimum FD30) and that it complies with the required standards.  A Fire Door Stamp Mark can be found on the top or side of the door and this Stamp Mark is the sign that the door is fire resisting and meets the current standard for fire doors.

Can I fit an internal fire door?

Whilst internal fire doors can be FD30, it is not recommended by Specialists that internal doors are used for a flat’s front door.

As the main entrance door to a property, an internal fire door will not provide as much security and protection as an external door, especially if there are no locking mechanisms on the main door(s) into the block communal area(s).

Other feedback is that these doors often create more problems, need replacing more frequently and require more general maintenance which then costs more, and often they do not comply with insurance company’s requirements.

It is unlikely that Consent will be given by the Management Company for an internal door, especially if it is likely to impact on the cost and/or validity of the building’s insurance.

Not just the door

A fire door is not just a “door leaf”.  The door frame, hinges, handles, glass panels, ironmongery and seals must all work in combination to ensure the fire door provides optimum and appropriate fire resistance.  It is important to take this into account when replacing your front door.

Please use the check list below to confirm that your proposed new door meets the fire safety standards.

Certified Installer

Fire Doors must be fitted by a certified / trained professional which means whoever fits your new door must be able to provide you with a certificate of fitting or written confirmation that your new door meets fire safety requirements.

    Please ensure this checklist is completed before submitting.








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