As a property management agent, your top priority is ensuring your leaseholders and homeowners are safe, satisfied, and happy with their living conditions. But what about your own team?

Wherever you look, studies show employees who feel supported and empowered in their jobs are happier and less likely to leave, and we’ve seen the difference it makes to staff first-hand within Alpha.

Having put wellbeing at the top of our agenda this year, we’ve made numerous changes in the business, many of which led to our shortlisting for the new ARMA wellness award.

Piers Wrangham, Alpha’s Managing Director, points out,

“As a company, we realised the importance of addressing employee wellbeing in the wake of the pandemic. Our team members have always been our greatest asset, but the challenges posed by the pandemic have since highlighted the need for us to ensure staff wellbeing remains at the forefront of our priorities. We’ve continued to work hard to invest in our team’s wellbeing to help them personally and professionally thrive.”

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