Learn how Alpha Housing Services Ltd (AHS) has achieved Net Zero Standard Certification and reduced emissions by 59% through its commitment to sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Reinvesting into Sustainability

As a company committed to sustainability, we are proud to share our journey towards reinvesting our growth into sustainable practices and green initiatives. One of our key milestones was achieving Net Zero Standard certification in January 2023. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and have taken significant steps to slash our emissions by 59% during our 2024 reaccreditation.

  • Invested in Energy-Efficient Infrastructure:

We believe in investing in energy-efficient infrastructure as the foundation of our sustainability efforts. From installing energy-efficient double-glazed windows to implementing LED lighting and intelligent radiator thermostats, we have made substantial investments to lower our carbon footprint.

  • 39% of Electricity Generated from Solar Panels:

We were recognised for our commitment to sustainability by being awarded a Somerset Green Business Grant for the installation of solar panels. Since installation this year, 39% of our electricity has been generated from solar panels. This shift towards renewable energy sources has allowed us to reduce reliance on traditional electricity and move towards a more sustainable energy mix.

  • Modelling change

Our ethos is that “no change is too small,” and we actively engage our team members in raising awareness about energy conservation and waste reduction. By encouraging small changes in daily habits, such as communal actions like boiling the kettle once or powering off electronic devices, we promote a culture of environmental responsibility within our organisation.

We have also extended our sustainability efforts beyond our office walls to advocate for environmentally friendly practices with our clients. From promoting LED lighting in communal areas to supporting initiatives that enhance natural habitats, we seek to create a ripple effect of sustainability in our community. Embracing innovation, we have adopted various digital solutions to reduce paper usage and carbon emissions. We aim to streamline our operations through electronic communication, 24/7 client portals, and remote site management technologies while minimising our environmental impact.

Our journey towards sustainability is an ongoing process marked by continuous improvement and a steadfast commitment to green initiatives. With each step forward, we are dedicated to reinvesting our growth into sustainability for a brighter, greener future.

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