Property Maintenance

We will handle all the front line negotiations and management of any contractors, so you know that we have the right person, at the right price to meet the requirements

Taking care of your investment

We undertake regular site inspections for all Estates and Blocks we manage. These inspections ensure that high standards of block management property maintenance can be attained; they reassure the residents that we are looking after their interests and investments and that we are reacting to repairs and maintenance requirements as they arise, not when it turns into a real problem.

We will handle all the front line negotiations and management of contractors, supplying all the estate management services needed so you know that we have the right person, at the right price to meet the requirements. We will also handle any Section 20 process requirements ensuring that the 3 stages are handled in a timely and professional manner. We will issue the Notice of Intention, Notification of Estimates and Award of Contract as part of the service.

We have built a list of trusted local contractors based on cost and quality of work; we do not accept a commission for engaging them so there are no hidden costs in the contract, keeping the costs down for you.

We see the sites we manage as a reflection on us and we want them to be the best!

Our block of flats was steadily deteriorating until Alpha Housing took over its management. In a relatively short period, costs have been contained, the property has been properly maintained, an on-going plan of repairs and improvements is scheduled and the beginnings of a sinking fund is in place. Alpha Housing have proved to be a very safe ‘pair of hands’.

Ty Gordon - Estate Gardens

Example Scenario

A Block of 10 flats in Yeovil where little to no maintenance was undertaken with poor supervision of lease rules and regulations.


  1. The building was visibly run down and had no reserve/sinking fund
  2. Historically no annual Service Charge structure contribution was in place
  3. 3 Directors had just put themselves forward to take up the running of the Management Company and had decided to employ a Managing Agent
  4. 1 Director had looked to get their flat valued in Q4 2014 and it had been valued at approx. £70,000
  5. The Directors chose to instruct Alpha Housing Services from 1st March 2015
  6. A service charge structure was put in place, set of maintenance works agreed as well as lease ‘policing’ and car park monitoring. Breaches of the lease were addressed; external maintenance was undertaken with great support of some proactive Directors which made a real impact to the curb appeal
  7. In July 2016, the same Director sold his flat for £92,000
  8. With the service charge structure in place there is a maintenance program
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