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Involving us in the initial stages will alleviate many problems and save money in the longer term, allowing you to make more effective use of your valuable time

Developer Services

Involving us in the initial stages will save you from problems and money in the longer term and allow you to make more effective use of your valuable time.

We work with developers on a non-incentivised basis. Developers’ needs are different from those of other clients and as such we work closely with them before the development has been completed. We remain committed to being a Lessee/Proprietor focused company and only work with developers who share this view. 

Both developers and potential purchasers need clear information and advice when considering management arrangements for new sites. We offer support at every stage of the process, from construction through to occupation and beyond depending on site requirements.

During the planning stage we advise on issues that will affect the day-to-day management of the development once it is complete, especially those items that may create delayed sales. Developer’s schemes vary greatly and we look at the practical elements of each approach to base the initial Service Charge budget on. This budget can then be used by the developer in its sales and marketing materials. 

Our professional services enable us to offer sound advice on such items as insurance, lease structures and the formation of independent management companies. 

Our management services enable us to effectively manage the final handover of the development with minimal time or resource from the developer. We also save the developer time by working directly with solicitors on property sales. 

Our management, procurement and maintenance services provide developers with the assurance that their developments will be managed efficiently and effectively once complete.

The team is on-hand to answer any queries raised by potential buyers or their solicitors. Armed with swift, definitive information, prospective purchasers can make informed choices. The knowledge that the property will be managed efficiently and cost-effectively by a managing agent with a good track record can assist in closing the sale.

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