General Management

This service is underpinned by our friendly, professional and highly skilled team who are keen to do things the way you would like them done

Looking after you and your neighbours

One of the hardest things to manage is the sheer volume of paperwork, correspondence and communication that is needed to ensure that you enjoy your home and your neighbours enjoy theirs. Poor communication is cited as one of the leading problems of conflict in Block and Estate Management.

This includes:

  • Liaising with Directors/Freeholders to set the maintenance charges
  • Responding to residents’ enquiries
  • Response and resolution of issues in a timely manner
  • Arranging and attending formal/informal meetings as required.

We cover all compliance issues and arrange the various insurances that are required to cover all eventualities. We ensure that you are fully compliant with all health and safety requirements including fire and security risks. And, as most problems occur out of ordinary office hours, we make sure that you can always get the help you need, when you need it.

This service is underpinned by our friendly, professional and highly skilled team who are keen to do things the way you would like them done.

We charge for our service on a fixed fee per unit per annum basis. Using this method both parties know where they stand and there is no theoretical advantage in us spending more of our clients’ money, as there could be when the fee is calculated as a percentage of expenditure. This transparency is something our clients value.

Example Scenario

A block consisting of 4 flats in Yeovil where all the owners paid as neighbours, with an informal arrangement to each pay 25% to any maintenance undertaken.


  1. In principle, this should work smoothly and it worked well for many years until one owner decided to not pay
  2. To take legal action with a neighbour is not a nice situation
  3. The owners decided to instruct Alpha Housing Services from January 2015
  4. A formal service charging structure was implemented
  5. Alpha Housing Services as an impartial party instructed the court proceedings and recovered the outstanding debt as well as the addressing the legal aspects required on such a development
  6. Two years on, there are no arrears still and all owners pay accordingly towards maintenance.

Alpha Housing Services Limited deal with the overall management of Wiltshire Court in Galmington and do a first-class job. They can be relied upon to deal with all aspects relating to the building promptly, efficiently and courteously without any undue fuss. I certainly recommend their services; they are good value.

VH - Director Wiltshire Management

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