Financial Management

In managing an Estate or Block we look to help in areas that are time consuming, technical, or cause discomfort if managed in-house, such as maintenance charge collection or arrears

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Making your money work harder

A well run site requires tight financial management and our team are well qualified to deliver this.

In managing Blocks and Estates we look to help in areas that can be time consuming and technical and that can cause discomfort and tension if managed in-house such as maintenance change collection or arrears.

We are usually asked to:

  • Handle the estimating
  • Assess sinking fund and ongoing maintenance requirements
  • Liaise with Directors/Freeholders to set the maintenance charges
  • Collect maintenance charges, ground rent and administer accounts
  • Pursue unpaid maintenance or ground rent charges
  • Control payment of invoices
  • Manage bank accounts and reconciliations
  • Submit year-end accounts and liaise with the Accountant on all matters
  • Liaise with Directors on the content of the prepared Annual Accounts
  • Undertake Company Secretary administration, including annual returns and issuing shares
  • Dealing promptly with enquires from solicitors in respect of the sale and purchase of properties
  • Ensuring compliance with the terms of the lease, and taking appropriate action against defaulting parties

Whether it is achieving good value for money or making sure that everyone contributes fairly, our goal is to make the most of what we have and to make your life easier.

Alpha Housing are friendly, professional, up to date with the regulations and proficient at what they do. They immediately saved us a lot of money by shopping around for alternative suppliers, insurance etc. They are always quick to respond to our needs and respect our position as owners. Very happy with their service and very happy to recommend them.

Sue Glenn - Compass Rise

Example Scenario

A Block of 10 flats in Bridgwater which when Alpha Housing Services took over Management from another agent had no reserve and very limited funds in the bank, a bill of over £1,500 which the Block could not afford to pay and in excess of £10,000 in arrears.


  1. On investigation, the service charge schedule had been set up incorrectly so that many flats were in credit by £1,000s due to over payment and 50% of flats were in debt due to under or nonpayment of up to 5 years
  2. Working with the Directors, plans were put in place to correct the service charge demands, recover the debts and repay the creditors
  3. Very swiftly repayments plans were put in place with debtors and where necessary debt recovery procedures were put in place with non-payers
  4. Maintenance was an issue where no internal decoration had been undertaken, no regular general maintenance put in place (even down to no cleaner), the fire alarm was not working and communal doors were not locking
  5. As a priority health and safety issues were addressed in getting the fire alarm active, securing the building and other priorities attended
  6. The Block now has regular maintenance, no outstanding creditors and arrears have been significantly reduced to enable the correct maintenance to be undertaken.
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